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To answer your frequently asked questions

Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) has selected several Cycle 1 public schools across the UAE to be operated by well-established private operators with proven experience in international education in the country.

The UAE Cabinet approved Ajyal Schools to develop some of the Cycle 1 schools of the government education sector. This project is one of the various projects that aims to diversify the public education sector in the country and provide more opportunities and educational models to parents and students who are a generation of future thinking leaders.

ESE will be adding eight new Cycle 1 public schools, to implement the Ajyal Schools’ model during the academic year 2023-2024, bringing the total number of schools that implement the model to 18 schools for the academic year 2023-2024.

UAE national students and the children of UAE mothers. Noting that the new eight public schools who will implement Ajyal model in the next academic year 2023-2024 are existing schools and it have existing students, hence the seats for new students will be according to the capacity of each school.

It will combine the National curriculum, which includes Arabic language, Islamic Education, Moral Education, and Social Studies, with the American curriculum for subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English language, and others. Also, the new model enhances the Emirati identity and instils the values of loyalty and belonging among the students.Also, the new model enhances the Emirati identity and instils the values of loyalty and belonging among the students.

The school calendar and timings will remain the same as existing public schools.

There will be no additional fees associated with Ajyal Schools. The government will bear all students’ fees and operating expenses.

1. Ajyal Schools will provide transportation for its students according to the same system used in the rest of the public schools in the country, taking into consideration the catchment area of the school

2. As for the school uniforms, it will be the same as the rest of the public schools in the UAE. You can contact the school for more information about uniforms and schoolbooks before starting the new academic year

The school will be staffed with new qualified teachers, staff and administrative, in addition the existing Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies subject teachers who will remain in their positions.

The schools will follow the current curriculum for Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies as all ESE public schools. There will also be several Emirati staff from existing ESE schools who will remain to support maintaining the identity of the schools. The schools will work to enhance the Emirati identity and instil the values of loyalty and belonging among students. Also, the school's name, uniforms, activity calendar and school timings will remain aligned with ESE public schools.

Registration will be open according to the period decided by ESE . According to the capacity of the school and available seats . For any inquiry you can contact us via email: or WhatsApp: 0097142176526 .

As a parent, you have the full right to move your children to another public school following MoE curriculum in all subjects. For more information contact us via email: or WhatsApp: 0097142176526 .

1. The new model is based on a partnership between ESE, the school, and parents, prioritizing the parents’ essential role in the student’s success and enriching his/her skills in the new provided American curriculum through a clear commitment.

2.Partnership contracts will be signed with parents within the new schools to build greater cooperation between families and schools in evaluating the educational level of students.